“Best of Verdon” climbing course

4 days of coaching + 1 multi-pitch


D1: Work on your climbing technique

D2: Build confidence lead climbing

D3:  Work on strategies, breathing, mental aspects

D4: Rest day

D5: Red-point a project

D6:  Climb the most impressive multi-pitch in your grade!


We will work together on all the aspects of your climbing to help you to improve:

  • Lead climbing,
  • Mental power,
  • Movement,
  • Rhythm,
  • Breathing,
  • Injury prevention,
  • To plan a cleaver and tailor made training program,
  • Falling and fall belaying.


Climber from grade 6a (top rope or lead)

No multi-pitch experience required

4 persons maximum


The Verdon

The Verdon gorge is a really good place to climb in summer time. At 1000ms altitude, with its north facing crags, you will always get some fresh air. Climbing some multi-pitches there has something unique with it’s exceptional steepness, even in the easiest routes! Between vultures and base jumpers, 300ms above the green Verdon river, you can also do some single pitches in a unique exposed atmosphere. From the typical Verdon wall climbing style routes to the steep tuffa climb, there is everything you need to practice new skills and improve. It’s for sure one of the destination you have to go climbing in your life!