Personnalized Coaching – from 6a to 8a

A tailor-made program to improve your climbing technique in the Verdon!

Simon will analyse your climbing style and will help you do develop a better technique doing some exercises directly at the crag. You will come back home knowing better how to train and improve faster.

We will work on together on all the aspects of your climbing to help you to improve :

  • Lead climbing
  • Mental power
  • Movement
  • Rhythm
  • Breathing
  • Injury prevention
  • Falling and fall belaying
  • To plan a cleaver and tailor made training program

We will regularly change climbing spot and I will choose the best routes for you to improve and have fun!

The Gorges du Verdon are the ideal place to climb in summer. At an altitude of 1000m and with its cliffs facing north, you will always find freshness. Climbing in the Verdon is unique by the stiffness of its large routes, even in the 6. Between vultures and base jumpers, more than 300m above the green river, the atmosphere and the gas are exceptional. And in this context, one can also climb in rinds of a length and make colo or experience the style of slab walls typical of Verdon. Everything you need to practice your technique and progress while having fun! With all this wild beauty and its thousands of routes to do, the Verdon gorges are certainly one of the essential destinations in the life of a climber!

Private coaching climbing Verdon